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Use Your Gift of Gab

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  • May 11, 2014

by Karen Feld

Are you curious –- about the world? About people you meet while walking the dog or in line at Starbucks?  We’re all a bit curious about the lives of others. That’s why Justin Beiber, Bruce Dern,
and Jennifer Lawrence make headlines. As a nation, we’re obsessed with celebrities, but in reality,
on a human level the rest of us are no different. Practice using your gift of gab to break the ice.  Put away your smart phone for a few minutes. You never know who you’ll meet. Then continue to develop and use that natural ability over and over to nurture and build relationships whether personal or business. A seemingly serendipitous meeting can lead to a big deal, an innovative project or mutually productive relationship.

Breaking the Ice
Be prepared whether it’s skimming the morning news on line or listening to off-beat TV or radio sound bites –the odd and eclectic– on your way to the office. You’ll be ready to intriguingly crack the ice.  Turn to the person next to you in line and ask a non-controversial question: Did you see the magnificent eclipse of the moon last night?  For openers it’s best to stay away from controversial political issues like immigration or gay marriage although a NYC garbage strike or the rising price of gas is okay. Or tell a brief and amusing story about something you just learned. “Did you know that the reason dogs circle is that they always pee on a north-south axis?”

When the Spoken Word Trumps Texting
Personal engagement is essential. Face-to-face conversation is frequently overlooked in this age of texting and social media. Do you remember the sound of a colleague’s voice? If not, invite that person into a conversation and listen, listen, listen.  Effective verbal communication skills are desirable regardless of the nature of your business.

Remember a well-crafted arsenal of words will enhance your ability to share a story – and your message–and at the same time help you gain an abundance of wealth across a variety of subject areas. That’s the nature of engaging conversation!

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